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Comments from some of our previous learners who have passed their driving tests.

Read comments and reviews from pupils who have learnt to drive and passed their driving test with us

I learned and passed with Crawford who has the patience of a saint and couldn´t recommended him enough!

I´m absolutely delighted to say I´ve passed my test in a first go! Tom is an excellent teacher, very patient and can really put your mind at ease when you´re stressing out. When I was first looking for an instructor online I´ve typed "best instructor in Glasgow" and Tom popped up and I can honestly say he definitely is best! So if you want to pass your test first time you should go with Tom!

I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who wants to learn how to drive! Excellent instructor, always patient and willing to explain things numerous times when needed. Very happy with every minute of every lesson, totally worth it! Gave me confidence I needed not only to pass the test but also be at ease when behind the wheel.

Tom is such a great driving instructor, he´s very laidback and easy going but also doesn´t beat around the bush! He never made me feel nervous and I definitely think I passed because of him!

Tom was a brilliant instructor. I was very nervous at first but he made me feel at ease and helped me become a confident driver and helped me pass. I would recommend Tom to anyone.

I can´t recommend Tom enough. He is so patient and gave me the confidence I needed. So friendly and he made me feel at absolute ease from day one. Worth every single penny for an amazing service. Thanks again Tom!

Passed my test 1st time today with Tom. Such a good driving instructor can´t thank you enough :):) I am buzzing highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive #lwt#bestinthewest.

Can´t recommend Graham enough, provided a fantastic service throughout. Brilliant instructor with an excellent way of teaching. Patience of a saint with dealing with myself during and after pregnancy! Thank you so much! No pupil would be disappointed!

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to start driving, it took me a good few years to gain the confidence to start taking driving lessons and get behind the wheel but when I started with Learn With Tom I felt at total ease as he is so friendly and has the absolute patience of a saint! His prices are extremely reasonable too as I believe you get what you pay for, a professional and high quality service. Will miss the banter!

Can´t recommend learn with Tom enough. Professional whilst also making you feel at ease. Teaching technique is brilliant. Worth every penny.

Absolutely excellent service. Patient and informed instructor who breed confidence.

I would happily recommend Tom McDermid Driver Training to anyone looking to start their journey into driving.

Training with Tom McDermid was great. A good instructor who has a lot of patience! Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the company and I passed first time. The lessons were affordable and were of high quality which prepared me for my test. The service provided was excellent as it was very convenient (getting picked up/dropped off at my house etc.) and my instructor Graham was very friendly, therefore I would definately recommend to a friend or family member.

Tom was a great instructor he explained everything clearly and as often as I needed! I would highly recommend going with learn with Tom as you won´t be dissapointed, I wasn´t.

Graham, who works with Tom, was my instructor from September through to the end of February. I can´t recommend him enough as a sound teacher who teaches not only to pass but to drive safely and courteously.

I passed today with only 2 minors and Graham had a massive impact on that great pass.

Graham was a fantastic instructor, he really helped build my confidence as I wasn´t a very confident driver. He was always very patient and his lessons were always informative, would definitely recommend to anyone.

Graham is a very supportive, kind, brilliant instructor. He helped me to learn to drive safely and to a high standard he was always encouraging and informative on how to improve and where I went wrong. He is also very organised and also reminds you of lessons via text. Would definitely recommend, the best instructor I´ve had who really teaches you from the bottom of his heart. During the lessons he will always do so in a way where you would receive enough encouragement to build confidence and to improve the faults and learn very well.

I enjoyed the time I spent learning with Tom was very relaxed and taught me well, I would highly recommend him to others, great service and great lessons.

Excellent instructor, very easy to cooperate with explains everything in great detail and makes driving a lot easier to understand. Massive thanks for helping me gain my full licence.

Thomas learned to drive with Graham Burns

Graham was a fantastic instructor. He was always calm and patient as well as explaining everything you need to know to be a high quality driver for life. He made me feel confident in my driving ability and lessons were always informative in a relaxed environment. I cannot recommend this driving school enough and all these 5 stars reviews are here for this reason

Lessons with Graham were always a pleasure. I had moved from a previous instructor, and had little confidence in my driving, which I have regained in the past few months. I have and still would recommend this driving school to anyone, and more specifically, Graham as a driving instructor, so for helping me on the road as much as he did. Every penny put into the lessons is most definitely worth it.

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking. He´s very patient and easy to talk to, which took away some of the nerves for me. He also has a great method of instruction that is easily remembered. Great value for money. All round nice guy and fantastic instructor.

Tom is a great instructor. He takes the time to break everything down for you and explain in great detail. I felt comfortable and relaxed in his company.

I would highly recommend anyone to his buisness.

Thank you Tom.

Great driving instructor. Would recommend to others, very relaxed and let´s you learn in your own way. Always tries to fit you in around your own working week.

Great company to learn with. Graham was my teacher and he was patient and informative but not hyper critical at all. I always felt at ease at my lessons. If I did something wrong I wasn´t told "that´s wrong and this is why" I was always given the opportunity to identify my own fault and figure out how to fix it before I was given advice. This improved my confidence and helped me to learn. If at any point I didn´t understand the way something was explained I would tell Graham and he would try to explain it another way which limited my frustration (we all know how frustrating it can be when you don´t understand something and the teacher explains it exactly the same way a second time, this never happened).

I´ve recommended you to so many people that you may never get a holiday again.

Thank you!

Despite not being very confident at first, I always felt at ease and never under pressure when I made a mistake. Tom was always friendly and clearly explained everything which made me enjoy all of my lessons. Would recommend Learn with Tom to everyone!!

In November 2013 I decided to change career paths from working in school´s to teaching in the car. I successfully navigated part 1 and 2 with limited assistance.

In February 2015 I sat my first part 3 test at Anniesland and failed. Given the training I had recived I was happy to achieve a 3 / 4 on PST 2. I contacted Tom McDermid for assistance. Steven Swan took over my part 3 training and given the time available worked wonders, taking me previous score up, to a 5 / 5. I was just two minor errors away from a 6 / 6.

Steven put my mind at ease, worked me hard and made sure I was under no illusions in what to expect on my next test. I can´t thank him and Tom enough for their help and support.

Part 3 training can be expensive but make sure you are paying for quality. I certainly did!

I came to tom after having failed multiple tests. I didn´t have much confidence in my driving or that I would ever pass! Tom was really keen to make the next test count. Every lesson I completed I felt more comfortable with driving and my own ability. With other teachers I just did what they told me to do as they never really explained why to do something but with Tom he explains things very clearly and carfully until I have a good understanding of it. It was also good fun to learn with Tom - he is relaxed friendly and has good chat!

I have been taking driving lessons since 2013, I started off with Tom who has been extremely patient and understanding. Tom is a great example and teacher as well as this he is very flexible. Tom helped me a great deal as I struggled to pass my test due to nerves and silly mistakes. But Tom never once gave up on me. He was extremely helpful and understanding of my needs. He is extremely reasonable and has been great at boosting my confidence! I finally passed on the 7th of August 2015 and I genuinally think he was more delighted than I was. A great guy and instructor, I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks a lot Tom for everything you have done!

Graham taught me, was very comfortable with him felt his methods of teaching and understanding the road where great. Passed my test first time with only 2 minors this is a reflection of how great and instructor he was :).

Graham was an excellent teacher. He broke every part of learning to drive down so that it was easy to understand and remember. Have recommended to many people!!

Graham was an excellent driving instructor. He tought me well to help me pass my test first time. Each lesson when learning something new or refreshing my memory on certain things, Graham would explain it clearly and in much depth to make sure I get it right. So that´s why I´ve given the good ratings because I would recommend Graham to others that are learning to drive.

Best driving instructor ever.

Patience of a saint honestly couldn´t ask for better x.

Tom is an extremely encouraging and patient instructor. He explains all aspects of the driver training course in detail which provides you with the essential skills required to become a confident and safe driver. I hadn´t been in a car for 10 years and being slightly older (31) than some learners I was apprehensive at first but Tom quickly put me at ease. I had a tight time frame to work with and Tom was able to accommodate this and thankfully everything worked out perfectly. I passed with only two driver errors which I was elated with! Looking forward to my new found freedom and I would recommend Tom to anyone.

Tom really helped to build my confidence in the car each week. He has a calm and friendly approach to teaching and I thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons with Tom.

Tom was a great instructor, I enjoyed my lessons with him and this made my learning to drive easier, I would Recommend him to anyone as he is not only easy to talk to which makes learning to drive easier but he also treats everyone as individuals and each lesson benefits the individual that is taking it. He always praised improvements and never did I feel bad when I did something wrong I just tried and tried again, and in the end I got there and am now a full licence holder and I wouldn´t of been able to do it without the help from Tom.

Passed with Graham just over a year ago now. Didn´t think I would ever do but he believed I could, and was patient with me. He was very encouraging and very friendly which also made learning to drive that much easier. Thanks a million. :-).

I passed with Graham Burns just under 3 months ago! Brilliant instructer, so patient and could answer any question I had so helpful and such an at ease person to be around when leaving new things! Highly recommended. Thanks Graham:).

I passed my driving test with Graham Burns. He is an amazing instructor. Always gives his 100%, enthusiastic and gem of a person. I would recommend him highly to anyone I know. It was absolute pleasure learning with him. His instructions and tips is something I never come across. Best Instructor!! Thank you Graham. You are a star.

I would certainly recommend Tom McDermid, as an older learner driver I struggled with confidence behind the wheel. Tom was patient, calm and reassuring. His theory app was a great help as well as his use of his ipad to explain driving scenarios.

I would recommend Tom to everyone and anyone! Tom was great. He helped me with my struggles and had faith in me from day one. I never ever felt uncomfortable driving with Tom, any mistakes u made he would either tell you how to fix it or give u the "u know how to fix it" look! I couldn´t have asked for a better driving instructor and will remember Tom for helping me through this and having faith in me, I am now a full licence holder, and would not look back a day with learning with Tom! Much appreciated.

(Aimee passed her test with ZERO driver Errors)

Tom impressed me from start to finish. He is very organised, provides superb support materials and is wonderfully patient, allowing me to learn with ease in a calm environment.

Simple, excellent guidelines for manoeuvres which are easily adaptable. Lessons were geared towards real life driving rather than simply passing the test, which is ideal.

I passed first time with only one error, far exceeding my expectations. Cheers Tom!

Tom is a great instructor, brilliant at his job! He has alot of time for his learners, always encouraging them. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone. I couldn´t of done it without him!

When I first sat in the car seat and knew I would have to drive I was terrified but Graham had explained everything I had to do and then before I knew it, I was driving! He gave me a starting point and after I had driven he told me to look in the mirror to see how much progress I had made from that one drive and I was really shocked but also felt proud of myself. He always highlighted good driving as well as telling me what I had done wrong if I had driven badly. He taught me how to do manoeuvres properly and it was terrible when I first started. He´s really easy to get along with as well as acting in a professional manner which always helps when your nervous as your put at ease straight away. I know lots of people who have passed through Graham which shows just how good an instructor he really is. Highly recommended ??.

The first time I sat in the drivers seat I thought I´d never learn how to drive, however having Graham as an instructor I felt more and more confident each lesson up until the test where I passed first time. Excellent car and instructor to learn how to drive!

I had Graham take me out on lessons, with him I felt at ease straight away, we found my weaknesses and worked on them, they eventually became strengths and he also gave me the encouragement that I was needing to pass! I wish I started with Tom McDermids Driver Training because then I could have hopefully pass first time rather than my third time lucky! Thanks Graham and Tom :).

Had years worth of lessons with two other instructors and three failed tests. I think I had around seven lessons with Graham who explained and advised simple things where I was going wrong and passed my next practical test after about three weeks. Was so happy with results and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning to drive!

Excellent instructor! Passed my test with Tom today, patience of a saint and all round good guy. See attached cheesey picture of me with pass cert!

Thanks Tom!

I just passed my test 1st time! I can´t believe it! A big thanks to Tom for being so helpful during lessons. I had to wait for a month before starting lessons and it was so worth the wait. Feel a bit sad there´s no lessons anymore! Thanks again Tom. A great laugh and an absolute pleasure to learn from. If you want to pass your test, and pass it well, then: Go With Tom. Learn With Tom. Pass with Tom. Top man ;) #1.

I cannot speak highly enough about Tom! His teaching methods are great and he explains everything thoroughly! He is a great laugh and makes you feel very safe when infront of the wheel!

The experience as a whole was great. Tom built up my confidence and helped me conquer my nerves also. Made learning to drive as easy as I image it could be. So glad I choose Learn With Tom and got the man himself to teach me?? would recommend, especially if you lack confidence.

Really great, always on time and they help ease you into driving. Great to learn with and extremely helpful with making you confident enough to sit and pass your test. Worth working with them if you are a little nervous about being behind the wheel.

Tom was a great driving instructor who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend tom to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was incredibly anxious, however tom was reassuring when teaching me. Learning to drive was something I was really keen to do, and I am so pleased I had tom to teach me such an important skill. Thank you so much again :).

After not being in the driving seat of a car for 8 years, Tom took me from having a fear of driving above 15mph and hating having any othe traffic on the road to driving around without too much though, whilst having a chat! Tom instantly made me feel at ease and gave me confidence I never thought I would have! Could not recommend him enough!

Tom was a great help in getting me to the standard required for me to be able to pass my driving practical test when I first contacted him he was very promt in his reply and explained that there would be a delay in getting me into the car but did give me a lead time of when he expected to get me started which was accurate because he was very busy but explained that if I was willing to wait then he would try his best to get me into the car asap but in the meantime I was given free access to his account for theory test pro and while I was waiting I could study and pass my theory (which I did thanks to this programme) meaning I was able to fully concentrate on my practical skills. Right from my first lesson Tom made me feel very comfortable in the car and when explaining manoeuvres his use of visual displays via his iPad and given reference point helped me immensely in working out how they should be done. If anyone Is looking for a driving instructor that knows his stuff, is reliable and is an all round genuine guy who will do everything in his power to get you to test standard and give you the confidence to pass then Tom is your man!!!!! Truly a great experience and would recommend Tom to anyone.

Tom always had patience with me and was willing to go over anything I had trouble with. Absolutely fantastic instructor

Would highly recommend Tom to teach you to drive as he is patient friendly and also very reliable. Not to mention flexible, he doesn´t just book your lessons around his free time but takes yours into consideration. Tom is also easy to get along with and easy to have a laugh with as well as taking driving seriously.

Tom is a first class driving instructor. He is a calm, friendly and most importantly puts you at total ease when you are behind the wheel which is very important in the first few lessons. Toms overall teaching package is second too none. His use of the iPad to demonstrate maneuvers, roundabouts etc is a great way to prepare when tackling things for the first time. Tom also recommends an app called Theory Test Pro used for the hazard perception part of the theory test and using this I passed the theory first time. All in all I could not recommended Tom highly enough. The service he provides is such value for money and he is the reason I passed with ease first time today ! If you are thinking about learning to drive use Tom McDermid Driver Training! Thanks Tom !

From my first lesson, Tom made me feel completely at ease. Everything I learned was explained so easily and because of that my driving experience was made more enjoyable. Tom is a fantastic driving instructor, super friendly and always reliable.

Tom is amazing! From first lesson to passing your test! Tom gets to know you and adapts his teaching styles for your best interest. Makes you feel comfortable in the car and is so encouraging! Couldn´t recommend Tom more, a genuinely friendly and professional instructor! Thank you so much Tom!

Very good, Tom was very good at getting me to understand things and was very patient.

Very helpful and enjoyed my lessons thoroughly.

As soon as I started my driving lessons with Tom I felt at ease straight away. He is a great guy and very easy to get along with. He gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass my theory and driving test both first time. I would definitely recommend anyone to learn with Tom!!

After stopping lessons with my original driving instructor, due to feeling like I wasn´t progressing and lacking a lot of confidence while driving, Tom was quickly recommended to me by a friend. I´m so glad I decided to do lessons with Tom, he gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass my test first time! I can´t recommend him more, he was extremely patient and I found every lesson comfortable and fun yet still very professional. Thanks Tom!

Highly recommend Tom as a driving instructor. After having a very unsuccessful first attempt at learning to drive with another instructor my confidence was low and I didn´t believe driving was something I would ever be able to do again. After looking at Tom´s website and being recommended by a friend I thought I would give driving another chance. Tom was a breath of fresh air. He is friendly, relaxed and approachable. He let me learn at my own pace and always motivated and made me confident in my driving abilities. After 39 hours of driving with no private tuition I was ready to sit my test. I passed second time and was absolutley delighted. I´m so happy I decided to learn to drive again.

Tom offered a great service as a driving instructor teaching me quickly and efficiently before getting me ready for my test with only 20 or so hours of tuition which I passed first time thanks to his expert tuition. He provided a relaxed, calm and personal learning environment along with good laughs and a fun and enjoyable yet professional feel. Thanks Tom for all your help, couldn´t of done it without you!

Tom is a first class driving instructor. I was nervous and lacked confidence in my ability prior to learning with Tom. He made me feel at ease from the minute I stepped in his car, he is very patient and explains everything clearly and concisely. He always encouraged me, giving me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass my test first time. Tom is a professional and a genuinely lovely person, I would highly recommend him.

Tom is an excellent teacher. He is calm, explains anything and everything as and when needed and makes all parts of learning really enjoyable. Best of all he´s a great guy which made every lesson good fun. I really cannot recommend him enough. His lessons are also reasonable. What more can you want? Go Learn with Tom!

I have just got my feet on the ground after being on cloud 9 for 2 weeks!! I just passed my test! I can´t thank Tom enough for the encouragement. Tom is very easy to get along with and makes you feel at ease, worth every single penny, still can´t believe I passed on my 1st attempt!! Thankyou again tom, you are worth your weight in gold ;-).

I found it extremely easy to get along with Tom, making me feel comfortable whilst learning to drive and making the whole process a lot easier. Tom helped boost my confidence whilst driving and was always there to give words of encouragement if I felt I wasn’t driving at my best! Definitely great value for money as I was learning the whole way through my lessons, they were never repetitive! Overall it was a very pleasant experience learning to drive with Tom and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

I have had an excellent experience learning to drive with Tom. His patient yet encouraging teaching style gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I found him to be professional, but very easy to chat to and get along with, which made me more at ease on my lessons.

Tom has been great to Learn to drive with, as I had already done previous lessons a few years ago I already had a grasp of the basics. With Tom there was no messing about we jumped right into where I was ability wise and got stuck in! As I have said with Tom there is no messing about if you are ready for your test he will let you know and push you towards booking a date rather than dragging it out. I can´t stress enough how flexible, knowledgable, genuine and dynamic tom is, knowing a few people that have been with Tom he really does cater everything to the individual! Something I really liked about Tom is how he is "keeping up with the times" With the use of his iPad with all the apps and visual aids which is a great way to learn.

Again I can not stress enough how much of a pleasure it has been to work with Tom and I would have no doubt to recommend him on to anyone.

Tom was my second instructor and was far better than my first. Made me feel comfortable whilst driving and was very calming. Lovely person, and would highly recommend him.

Tom is really relaxed an easy going. He picks up on things you´re struggling with without you mentioning them which makes the learning experience far quicker and more enjoyable.

Began taking lessons with Tom after previously having a bad experience with another instructor. Tom put me totally at ease and made the whole experience of learning to drive a fun one. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to learn in a friendly, honest and patient environment.

Tom was my second driving instructor and I must say the difference from my first and him was phenomenal, couldn´t have asked for a better instructor helped me with everything and I owe passing first time to him!

Tom was a great and very helpful instructor. He knows how to work with each individual to help them reach there abilities well. He had great patience when I first started and any questions I had he was happy to answer.

Tom´s relaxed and patient style made learning to drive a very comfortable experience, he was very easy to get along with and every lesson was good fun, would highly recommend taking lessons with him.

I would definitely recommend Tom. He was so so patient with me and would explain things to me as many times as I needed. He was really honest with me but always encouraged me to keep going and telling me I could do it - and I did! A great instructor!!

Tom is a fantastic instructor well recommend him to anyone who´s wanting to take lessons. Glad I went with him.

Started off as a complete beginner, started of with a block of lessons as it saves money, then went on to single lessons, would highly recommend Tom.

After having a bad experience with my first instructor, I was recommended to Tom by three separate people (who all went on to pass). Tom was friendly and helpful from the start. Thanks to Tom I became a much more confident driver, learning something new every lesson. He is very professional but can still have a laugh which also helped me relax behind the wheel. Tom is very patient and had no problems when I asked him if we could go over certain procedures or manoeuvres. Although I´ll miss our lessons, I´m delighted to have passed thanks to Tom. I would fully recommend him to anyone! Thanks again for everything, Tom!

A great instructor who made learning to drive a pleasure. He was very honest about the amount of lessons I needed and I felt thoroughly prepared for my test. I would highly recommend Tom as he is an excellent teacher and is extremely patient.

Tom is a great driving instructor! Helped me gain confidence and was very patient with any problems I had! My lessons were always worth while and never repetitive, I felt like I was learning something new and gained more confidence in driving after every lesson. Tom has got a great sense of humour and made me feel comfortable during my lessons! Highly recommend and I passed first time! :)

After years of driving and never taking the plunge to sit my test I finally did and passed today with zero faults with Tom. I would like to say a big thanks to him for getting me through both my theory and practical. Couldn´t have did it without him. He was professional and courteous throughout, always turned up on time and gave a full hour tuition. Value for money was exceptional. I will miss our weekly lessons for a wee chat and humour. Thanks again Tom. Karen

Tom was recommended to me by a friend who had previously passed with him. I´m so glad I chose to do my lessons with Tom as he´s a great teacher, very patient and always puts his learners first! Definitely couldn´t have passed without his help and much appreciated on test day. Highly recommend anyone thinking of taking lessons :).

Tom is a patient, helpful and understanding driving instructor. He is reliable and always has a good laugh with his students. His time, effort and guidance, ensured that I attained my full driving licence. I would have no hesitations in recommending him to others.

Before I started my lessons with Tom I was terrified of getting behind the wheel. With Tom´s patience and encouragement, I was able to pass 1st time with only 2 driving errors. Can´t thank him enough for all his help, patience and all the laughs we had on my weekly lessons! Would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive :)

Fantastic driving instructor! I am rather nervous as a person and Tom made me feel completely at ease. Dedicated, professional and genuinely cares for his pupils. I am planning on recommending Tom to all of my friends...... Top notch and great banter!!! Thanks again Tom, I´ll miss you!

Tom is a brilliant driving instructor. He helped me pass first time :) he is really down to earth and has amazing patience which helps a lot especially when you are feeling the pressure of learning. I had a great time learning with him and was able to have a good laugh at the same time. I would definitely recommend him.

The first thing you will find out is that Tom is an extremely pleasant guy, this really is an important part of the learning process as the instructor / pupil relationship is fundamental and Tom excels at this. Working on skills and perfecting the routines is never a chore for Tom and he will never show frustration or impatience. Overall the experience was a successful one and I do wish I had signed on with Tom sooner.

Learning to drive with Tom was a great experience. Not only is he a calm, patient, encouraging teacher, he´s also a nice guy with the ability to have a good laugh! Tom made me feel at ease by always building on the positives during my lessons and gave me the skills and confidence needed to pass my driving test. I´d highly recommend him as a driving instructor! Thanks for everything, Tom!

I couldn´t recommend Tom highly enough as a driving instructor. Always friendly and with the patience of a saint, he really is a fantastic teacher. Although I am extremely happy I have passed my test, I am going to miss my weekly lessons. He has given me the confidence needed to drive and I´m sure he can do the same for you.

Tom is a great driving instructor who I would happily recommend to anyone! I always enjoyed going out for my lessons every week with Tom. When out for my lesson he was a great teacher and very easy to learn from! I am extremely pleased with passing my driving test with only 2 driver errors! Tom is a nice guy who is patient, able to have a laugh and I felt very comfortable learning from him! Thank you Tom!

Passed first time thanks to Tom McDermid! I was initially nervous behind the wheel but Tom´s patience and understanding, alongside his relaxed manner and quality banter soon had me at ease. He is always positive and gives constructive advice on the areas which need improving. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone and would like to thank him for his encouragement which gave me more confidence in my driving !

Learning to drive with Tom was made easy by his relaxed approach and patience. He gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to pass my test first time. I would recommend him to anyone.

Learning with Tom was a great experience and I couldn´t have asked for a better and more understanding instructor,Tom helped me pass my test in 6 weeks and had full confidence in my driving ability,he is a very likeable guy who is easy going and easy to get along with which I felt was important as a learner. I can´t thank Tom enough for all his help and patience with me and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an instructor and is unsure about who to choose, go for Tom as he will help you pass your test as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks again Tom!!

If your looking for the best driving instructor in Glasgow, then TOM MCDERMID DRIVER TRAINING is the one you go to ! For an easy going, no frills, tell it like it is method of teaching, the easy going method you will learn by will have you on the road and understanding how to control your car and feel confident in no time ! The best way to learn - confidentially and with humour, can´t recommend Learn With Tom any higher !!!!!! And I did pass with ZERO FAULTS !!!!!!! :).

I would very much like to thank Tom for getting me through my driving lessons to pass my test first time with zero faults. Tom is very patient and relaxed and a good laugh. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Had loads of fun, thanks for my new skill Tom

Tom is a genuine nice guy who knows what he´s talking about, and knows what is beneficial for you. He won´t take advantage of you by saying that you need more lessons when you may not need them. He won´t push you until you are ready to move on if you don´t feel comfortable with a manoeuvre or whatever it may be. He has really good resources that will help you pass both your theory and practical test. I would happily point anyone in the direction of Tom for doing their driving lessons.

Tom top man !!!! If your thinking about taking lessons then look no further , true pro and truly very nice guy, make´s you feel totally at ease and never pressurises you into anything also sent me a link for the theory test which was very helpful. Made me feel calm and assured on test day and all the way through my lessons. No more buses and trains for me and the family, what a difference having a licence will make to our life´s. Can´t thank you enough Tom cheers !!!!!!!!

Tom is a excellent instructor to be learning from and a good laugh to be with. I would recommend anyone wanting to start learning to drive to give Tom a try !

Tom is THE man. After never driving a car in my life and being put under pressure from my work to get my license sorted out, I found Tom. I went from start to finish, passing both the theory and practical tests first time with only 28 hours of lessons. Bearing in mind I didnt have a car to practice in so I literally only drove for 28 hours before sitting my final test! Tom had me tackling roundabouts on my first lesson and was always patient and encouraging. Cant recommend Tom enough, you would be daft not to choose him! Thanks for everything Tom

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone thinking of taking up driving lessons, the guys great and has a lot of time for people. I passed first time due to taking lessons with Tom.

"Passed my test first time and wouldn´t have done it without the help of Tom McDermid Scotland´s no: 1 driving instructor.

For any of you out there thinking about learning to drive with a professional down to earth and all round top bloke Tom is your man.

From my first to last lesson with Tom it has been a blast, He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from day one with great banter evenly matched with total professionalism. Tom guided me through the process of being an absolute beginner driver to a legal and more importantly road safe driver at a pace that suited me. For the very short time I have known Tom it has been a joy to have him as my instructor and whom I´m honoured to class as my new found friend. I would 100% recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to start driving lessons, best of luck to you all but I´m sure with Tom´s tuition you wont need it."

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone thinking of taking up driving lessons . I had tried various instructors in the past and felt that I was never progressing. Tom helped me gain more confidence and ensured that I was ready for my test which I passed first time. I passed Tom´s details onto my sister who has also now passed her test and my brother who is well on his way to passing his. Thanks for all your help Tom!

I would recommend Tom to anyone that is planning to start their lessons. It was a great experience learning with Tom and I was made to feel very comfortable when starting up my lessons! After holding off my lessons for quite a few years it is great to say that I have now achieved my full driving licence, thanks to Tom :-)

Being an apprehensive learner, Tom was the best person for the job. Right from the word go, Tom, with his calm, patient and reassuring manner put me at ease. His go at your own pace attitude suited me, although when needed, gentle encouragement spurred me on. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Missing my lessons already.

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone

who is thinking of learning to drive. He put

me at ease from the very first lesson with

his friendly and patient persona and made

the whole learning experience a pleasure.

Great instructor and a great guy!

I´d like to take this opportunity to thank Tom for being a patient & encouraging driving instructor. If you want to be driving & not sitting at the side of the road, then go with Tom, that´s how I passed first time.

Alisdair Moug

I would 100% recommend Tom to anyone thinking of learning to drive. He is a fantastic instructor and has the patience of a saint ... I have tried various instructors in the past and then passed with Tom in under 5 months, myself and my cousin Heather! Thanks again for all your help ...!

Tom is a first class driving instructor who is always very professional, and makes you feel completely at ease in the car. His patience and expertise really helped me to gain confidence in my driving, and he was always spot on when it came to recognising the specific areas which I needed to work on. His sense of humour makes the process of taking driving lessons and sitting your test a much less daunting experience. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for an instructor.

Tom is a great instructor, I had two previous instructors who I didn’t feel comfortable with and I wasn’t making any progress. I was giving up hope but was then introduced to Tom and I'm so glad. Its amazing how quickly he made me feel comfortable and completely at ease. Tom is a brilliant motivator and builds your confidence at your own pace. Also has brilliant banter which makes it even more enjoyable! Would highly recommend Tom to anyone!!!

Learn with Tom, I highly recommend you do! After not having such a good experience with two other instructors I was close to giving up until one of Tom's passed pupils recommended him and I’m so glad he did. Tom's method of teaching is excellent, he makes every aspect of driving as simple and as straight forward as it can be. His encouragement and extreme patience made me feel at ease and he helped me build my confidence within the car. As much as I love my new found freedom I miss my lessons with Tom along with his great banter!

Thank you Tom. :)

After not driving for ten years, Tom made it easy for me to get back behind the wheel. With his easy going personality, quality teaching and techniques passing the test was no bother and driving that car was a joy. I would recomend Tom to any of my mates wanting to learn. Cheers Tom !

After a fairly lousy experience with my previous instructor, I have to admit I was initially sceptical when Tom was first recommended to me. But these doubts were completely wiped after my first lesson with him, and this high standard never once dropped whilst driving with him. His calm and patient manner, punctuality, and his structured guidance and tuition are just some of many reasons why I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, not to mention his morale-boosting and light-hearted banter! Tom would always be there to provide constructive advice, and his “never say never” philosophy provided encouragement and a much needed boost in my own self-belief. Thank you once again, Tom, for your first-class tuition and giving me faith in my driving.

I would highly recommend learning with Tom. I always felt at ease. Since my first lesson, he was very patient and encouraged me to do my best. I passed on my first attempt going to test and couldn't have done it without Tom's help. Thanks again!

After a hiatus of 13 years as a passenger and pedestrian, Tom's fun-filled lessons made the daunting prospect of getting back into the driving seat a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Tom genuinely cares about his teaching and his pupils and his well-structured, thorough instruction style gave me the confidence to sit and pass my test on the first attempt. I wholeheartedly recommend learning with Tom to anyone and everyone.

I passed my driving test with the help of Tom McDermid! Something I never thought possible when I first got behind the wheel. He was always calm and patient which really helped me. I become more confident and relaxed about my driving.

Tom was always giving constructive advice and positive encouragement. The atmosphere during lessons was always nice and friendly. Very punctual, flexible and most of all helpful. The one thing Tom always did was make me believe in myself and never give up.

I will definitely recommend Tom McDermid to anyone looking to take driving lessons.

Thank you Tom!!!

Learning with Tom was like learning with a friend, he makes you comfortable in the car and gives you the confidence you need to drive. He arms you with the tools not just to pass the test but to enable you to drive confidently and safely once you have passed.

I am more than happy to recommend Tom to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive. I was completely at ease with him. He makes you feel confident with your driving and teaches at your pace.

After having a few lessons when I turned 17 I lost interest and confidence in driving for a few years. Tom was great in helping me to get back into driving and helping me reach my target of learning to drive over the summer. I was able to ask to work on specific areas I felt less confident on but also Tom was great at identifying where I needed to work on too. He taught me how to be a safe and confident driver and I would definitely recommend him as an instructor.

Tom was my first and only driving instructor, and from the first lesson I felt completely at ease and confident with him. He is extremely patient, very encouraging and deals with any problems quickly and efficiently. I can't recommend Tom enough, I feel really lucky to have found Tom in the first place as I've heard some horror stories about other instructors, however Tom is 100% professional and genuine. My first time pass is only a reflection on Tom's high standard of teaching. I'd like to thank Tom for his patience and encouragement, he made learning to drive a very easy and enjoyable experience.

I had a bad experience with my first driving instructor, so in March Tom was recommended to me by a friend. I found Tom to be a very positive person and always encourages you to push yourself to your full potential. He is there to help you be a very good and safe driver. I would highly recommend Tom as a driving instructor. I look forward to him teaching my daughter in February.

Having just passed with 1 minor, I can wholeheartedly recommend Tom as an instructor. Calm, on time, and experienced, made it a much less daunting process going for a test. Recommending to friends.

I would definitely recommend Tom to anybody who is nervous about starting their lessons. He is an excellent teacher and is very easy to get along with! I put my pass entirely down to Tom's ability as a teacher and will definitely be booking Pass Plus lessons with him.

I recently passed my driving test at the beginning of August and would like to thank Tom for helping me through all challenges that I faced over my driving lessons.

When I first started with Tom, he knew that I had previously had lessons and would allow me to tackle each learning point first which he would assess. If i was successful with making the correct decisions or doing certain maneouvres, was comfortable and most importantly safe he would support me and give options for improvement. Anything which needed improvement was dealt with appropriately and time to address any problems was given. With a little pushing and support, I was able to overcome my nerves on the day and pass driving a brand new car.

Tom is an excellent instructor who is very patient and never loses his cool. The banter is excellent as well. Would recommend Tom to anybody looking to learn to drive in a relaxed environment.

Having tried (and failed!) to learn to drive in the past, I was nervous to start learning again.

However, Tom immediately put me at ease and my confidence quickly grew. He is great at identifying any areas which needed more practice and he teaches you how to drive not just pass your test!

I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone, an excellent instructor, patient and friendly.

After trying other Driving Schools I successfully passed my test with Tom. He was able to give me the confidence and skills that I needed through patience, guidance and a much needed sense of humour at times. I would definitely recommend Tom as a first class instructor. Great service!

Tom had all the patience of a saint with me, would definitely recommend him. Thanks again !

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